Developing a Lunar Candleholder with an Ogam Twist

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What happened to my lunar candleholder? Maybe it got lost in a move. So, I think I’ll go to the Pagan supply section in Amazon. But, slow down. I have clay, and I could make one of my own. Advice I give to others is that you can put your own personal power into something you make. So, I can do that, too.

This is my lunar candleholder. I cut out the two crescents and a circle for the full moon. I was expecting a lovely cylinder for this. But the clay sagged a bit while it was drying. What now? As I looked at it, this candleholder reminded me of a tree trunk. In the Celtic Tree Runes, known as Ogam, willow is most associated with the moon. So, I painted my candleholder in a pattern based on the bark of a willow tree. I also painted the rune for willow on it.

That’s the story of the candleholder, and many decisions in life.


Laura ZI’m flexible to join people for a ritual and other group activities. Myself alone I look to my Celtic heritage, especially Irish to do my Wiccan work.

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