You can legally join the Church of the Earth as part of the congregation. This will allow you to vote in referendums and elections, and is required to serve on the Council or as a Trustee. This is not required to attend our gatherings.

Unlike the more casual requirements for the meetup and mailing list, you must provide your legal name and address, and you must affirm your acceptance of the tenets of the Church.

Your Name

In both the pagan and the on-line world, we all go by many names…
This is the name on your drivers license, birth certificate, etc. It is required for legal membership.
The name(s) that most know you by at our events. Your first name, nickname, craft name, etc.

Your Address

Along with your legal name, this completes your legal membership at the Church
This should be the real address where you live, not a PO Box.

Your Contact Information

This is not required, but we ask that you provide it in case we need to confirm your membership.
We will send newsletters, important announcements and notification of upcoming elections and other Church business to this address.
If you have joined the Meetup group, please help us match up this application with your meetup account.
The URL of your facebook profile, typically something like
A mobile phone number where you receive text messages.
Land line or mobile phone number where you accept voice calls.

The Tenets of the Church of the Earth

To become a member of the Church of the Earth, you must read and agree to these tenets.
… Just as we expect others to respect our beliefs and opinions, we must respect theirs. We may not necessarily want to hear their opinions or dogma, but we do respect that is is the right path for them. All religions are interwoven in some way.
… If we do not take care of the Earth, it will stop taking care of us and we will die. Conservation and recycling are very simple ways to help keep the Earth habitable. By doing whatever we can as individuals, we can set examples and do our part towards saving the planet.
… By learning from the past we can set our own future. As we learn the truth about the past we learn more and more that there is usually a wisdom in the old ways. Combining the old ways with new knowledge gives us great insight into the world we live in. Learning from mistakes in the past can also help us avoid repeating them.
… You have freedom to do and believe anything you wish as long as it harms no one (including yourself). This has been phrased many ways, from the Wiccan Rede’s, “And It Harm None, Do What You Will”, to the rule of three, the concept of Karma, and “Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You”.
After you press the Submit button, you should see a message in green confirming your submission. If you do not see that, scroll down and look for issues in your submission.