The Church of the Earth is made up of followers of many Earth-centered religions, including Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, and many other nameless Pagan paths. Our gatherings are led by the members rather than by a formal clergy, and within the very open precepts and tenets laid out below, we are each free to practice as we see fit. This means rituals vary widely, and all whose paths agree with these precepts and tenets are welcome to not just join us in ritual, but lead us in ritual when you are ready.

Precepts (Our Purpose)

  • Create a place for ritual and ceremony in which followers of Earth-centered religions can gather for holy days, marriages, funerals, blessings, handfastings, coming of age celebrations, dedications, and other such events.

  • Promote understanding and education for those of alternative beliefs and for the community in general.

  • Unite the community in times of need, making our community and the entire planet a better place to live.

Tenets (Our Beliefs)

I Respect All Paths Every person’s religious belief is correct, for them. As we expect others to respect our beliefs, we must respect theirs. We may not agree with their path, but we must respect that it is the right path for them — that it is the path they need to follow.

I Love the Earth The Earth is our Mother, we should cherish and protect Her. If we do not care for the Earth, She will stop taking care of us. By practicing conservation and recycling as individuals, we set good examples, doing our part towards saving the planet.

I Trust the Old Ways Old ways and our elders should never be ignored just for being old. We must always listen and learn, carefully weighing truths from the past against new knowledge. We create a better future by combining ancient wisdom and modern knowledge.

I Am Accountable You, and you alone, are accountable for your actions. What you think and do has consequences, both physical and spiritual. “And It Harm None, Do What You Will”, “Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You”, and Karma are good examples.

Council and Commitees

The Church of the Earth is run by the Council and its committees, all made up of volunteers.

The Council

The Council is the ruling body of the Church, making decisions concerning policy and finance. Our sitting Council includes:

The Trustees

The Trustees help run the Church, heading committees and holding working officer positions. Our trustees include:

Our Committees and Groups

We have a number of permanent and temporary committees appointed by the Council to take care of day to day operations, research issues that might require a decision, and provide services to the congregation of the church and community at large.

  • Facilities Committee: The Facilities Committee manages this website and other online resources, as well as physical resources like our physical mailing address. The current chair is Jason.
  • Events Committee:The Events Committee schedules leaders for our rituals, arranges social and educational events, and manages the meetup group and mailing lists. The current chair is Laurel.
  • Membership Committee: The Membership Committee handles public relations and communications with other groups in the area, and insures that church sponsored events are welcoming and comfortable for new and old members alike. The current chair is Tamara.
  • Financial Management Group:The Financial Group is a special committee that manages the finances of the church, including payment accounts, donations services, bank accounts and expense reimbursement. The current chair is Jenny.
  • Temporary Committees: Temporary committees are created and appointed for significant tasks as needed.