Home and Hearth, a poem

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Hibernation, stark and the cold bites the land with its unrelenting grasp.

The silence orbits the atmosphere as it casts a spell upon the creatures and lands.

Quiet, still, frozen: the melody that winter harmonizes with.

In the cauldron, mixed deosil for prosperity, understanding, hope, and love.

Woven with care upon the worn chair lies reassurance, comfort and protection, provided by the blanket.

The Fire dances with its multiple personalities of blue, crimson and blinding white, upon the sacred wood providing vision, relaxation and life.

Aromas circle and disperse throughout the abode

Penetrating each memory to transport me back

Different time, different space.

Stories, belly laughs, secrets: all shared through the lips of the inhabitants.

The location is indifferent, what we recognize keeps true; nesting place, sanctuary, home & hearth.

We all dwell individually, but are all held and taken care of on Her: the undisputed home & hearth.

Nicole Antaya

Nicole AntayaWitches Brew: A taste of Nicole’s thoughts, I love writing poetry and I love meeting other members of Church of the Earth.🌱 ❤️🌏

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