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The best way to get involved is to attend our gatherings. We have over 50 gatherings every year, so there is a lot to choose from.

Eight Sabbats each year, Full Moon Circles on the closest night, and Morning Worship Circles twice a month, all in a variety of Pagan paths.

Monthly classes on sacred space, spell craft, meditation, path introductions, and more.

Join us for work, fun, and sometimes donuts, as we maintain the outdoor ritual and social spaces.

Gatherings under the sun or by torchlight where we talk, play music, share food, and generally relax in a world where we don’t have to hide our paths.

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Join our Facebook group, a place for members that attend gatherings to talk about what’s happening with the rest of the local Church of the Earth community.

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Help sustain Church of the Earth with a monthly donation, used to rent space, sponsor Pagan Pride Day, WitchVox, and more.

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You can legally join the Church of the Earth as part of the congregation. This will allow you to vote in referendums and elections, and is required to serve on the Council or as a Trustee.


Unlike the more casual requirements for the meetup and mailing list, you must provide your legal name and address, and you must affirm your acceptance of the precepts and tenets of the Church.
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