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Shielding – The Energetic Do-Not-Call List

In Practical Magick, Ritual by Stephanie1 Comment

Walking around unshielded as an empath is like being a lint roller in a house with a long-haired cat. You pick up everything and you get used up very quickly. Your energy gets gunky and depleted. You feel fatigued, and it can start to take a toll on your health. These energetic dynamics affect us all – not just empaths! Empaths are more likely to sense it and feel drained by it, but negative energy impacts everyone on some level.

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A Simple Invocation

In Ritual by Johnson Davis1 Comment

A simple invocation I learned from a close friend long ago. By the Earth below,By the Winds that blow,By the Fires that glow,By the Waters that flow. Elements hear us,Your …