Nigel Cox / The Cailleach Beara or the Hag of Beara / CC BY-SA 2.0

Walking the January Path with The Cailleach Bheara, Mother of Stone and Bone

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You are invited if you choose. I consider this a walking practice best undertaken in the dark or pre-dawn as it is generally considered unwise, even dangerous, to speak of or invoke the Bear Goddess in broad daylight (unless there is some extraordinary need). So be awake, be aware, be sure.

Consent is paramount. Come dark or pre-dawn, gather yourself, choose a place where you can walk a circle, a figure eight or whatever other footweaving feels right for you and let us walk the walk of this winter…


In these times we walk with you, Ancient One, Grandmother, Mother of Stone and Bone. Walking, we call to you in your winter shawl, Old One, Lady of the Keening, bringer of the seasons, Keeper of Mysteries and the Cauldron of Hidden Sight.

Come Blue Hag, Great Bear Mother, Hooded Maiden, aid us in our tasks. For on this winters path we seek to acknowledge the turbulent past, sort the perilous present, and prepare for the next season as we walk toward Imbolc.

May we throw no stones, break no bones, face our challenges with integrity and accountability. May we weave a path wide enough, clear enough to see us safely through this harsh winter season. May we do our Well Ancestors proud and become Good and Wise Elders for our Descendents.

We hail and welcome and thank the Cailleach Bheara on the winter path to Imbolc.

So mote it be.


  1. Kye-yahk Berra? Kali-ack? Kylee-ack? Kelli-ack? Or is pronunciation Whatever Way You Want?

    1. Many ways to spell and pronounce. I pronounce her name Kale-Ee-Ach Bag-Hear-a.
      I suggest you say her name outloud in different ways let it organically shift until you find a way that rolls effortlessly & companionably off the tongue.

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