Cash donations are happily accepted at most of our events, but pledging a small monthly “sustaining” donation will allows us to plan more effectively. Your sustaining donations will help the Church continue to create places for ritual, promote understanding and education, and unite the community.

  • Our most import effort right now is to save up for a new home for the Church. We are looking for a plot in the Raleigh area where we can build ritual space, community areas, gardens and more. This space will be made available to other local Pagan groups and individuals for both public and private functions.
  • Provide bottled water, hot coffee and picnic supplies to attendees at our events.
  • Buy signage and other items to help with hosting events.
  • Pay for communications and promotions services like our P.O. Box and our account.
  • Sponsor the annual Pagan Pride Raleigh event, which attracts thousands of pagans, pagan friendly and pagan curious attendees for a weekend of workshops, entertainment and shopping.
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