Ostara’s Best Kept Secret, a poem

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Open, closed, all flowers, open or closed, all flowers
All are flowers whether open or closed
Judgement does not fall upon the flowers from the flowers
Discernment flows through their stems with compassion
No value decreases from closed flowers
No value increases from open flowers
Both cultivated with artistic wonder
Their crafted bodies proven worthy and distinguished
Gazing upon the garden’s soiree, admiring the elegant touch of all petals
No distain, no hurry, no implicit push
Here, all are to grow into their own divinity
Nature’s mirror reflects back to the human race
To try to teach them the ways of compassion, wisdom, and the way in which She blossoms, grows and is unapologetically Herself
Learning to take cues from the flowers, as do the winged creatures for nourishment
Germinating new ideas for the human race

Ostara’s best kept secret
Open, closed, all flowers, open, closed, all humans

Nicole Antaya

Nicole AntayaWitches Brew: A taste of Nicole’s thoughts, I love writing poetry and I love meeting other members of Church of the Earth.🌱 ❤️🌏


  1. Clearly, Mankind needs to stop and smell the roses and reflect on what our quieter earthly partners can teach us. Thanks!!

  2. Yes, open or closed, always growing into our own divinity. Thank you!

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