Winter, a poem

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Deafening white particles lay upon the ground like a blanket. Consistent silencing atmosphere huddles and weighs upon the Earth. Harnessing its collective, cool energy, creates a mass of pieces each completing the others.

The breath of snow awakens the eyes from their untimely rest. Alerts the senses to the constant change in the air. Something so present, yet so ephemeral.

Winter drapes its canvas of solitude upon nature’s body. Unapologetic, yet confident in its ability to spread its frozen fury throughout the land.

Hibernating is the past time of the woodland creatures. Preserving strength, endurance and grace for the upcoming months of the thaw. We await the warmer times that offer rebirth and renewal.

The flowers will release new buds and life in its sacred geometry. Blades of grass host dew droplets as guests to the shifting seasons.

Fawns, bunnies, and furry friends rediscover their stomping grounds where life tastes sweet to the tongue.

Until the passing of the dark months: patience and continuance must be held close as to not forget the longevity and constancy of change.

Nicole Antaya

Nicole AntayaWitches Brew: A taste of Nicole’s thoughts, I love writing poetry and I love meeting other members of Church of the Earth.🌱 ❤️🌏


  1. Now I want it to snow.

    Nicole, this was beautiful and evocative!

    I am excited to see what you write next:)

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