We are trying an experiment with a multiplayer sandbox game, Minecraft. We have a private (whitelisted) world you can join, wander around in, build things, raise cows, fight zombies, and hang out with the other players.

Get Minecraft

To join you will need either the computer or mobile Minecraft client, though Minecraft Java Edition for computer works best for our server. You can get a free trial or just go ahead and buy it for $26.95. (Note that we are not affiliated with the makers of Minecraft.)

Come explore the
live world map.

(no software needed)

Once you have the client installed, you can play all by yourself on your own private world, but the real fun starts when you connect to a multiplayer server. That’s where this experiment comes in.


To visit our multiplayer server:

  1. Run Minecraft and click Play.
  2. Click on Multiplayer
  3. Click Add Server
  4. In the Server Name enter Gaia, in the Server Address enter mc.ChurchOfTheEarthNC.org, and press Done.
  5. You will now see Gaia in your list of servers. Click it to select it and then click Join Server.
  6. Next time you play Minecraft, Gaia will still be there, so you won’t have to add it again.

You can move around and explore, but you won’t be allowed to break or build anything until you are whitelisted.


There are two ways to get whitelisted.

A. Just Ask

Reach out to give us your Minecraft username so we can whitelist you for full access to the server. Here are some options for that:

B. Link Your Discord Account

There are three steps that will allow you to quickly whitelist yourself with no waiting.

  1. Join our Discord Server.
  2. While playing Minecraft on our server, hit “T” to bring up a the chat and enter “/discord link” to get your 4 digit link code.
  3. DM Gaia’s Garden Gnome your 4 digit link code. (Click the “Garden Gnome” bot, enter your 4 digit code in her message box, and press enter).

See you there!

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