2020 Toilet Paper Meditation and Activity

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Co-authored by Dodde and Stephanie

The year has changed, the energy shifted. Whew!!! I have never been happier for a new year.

As we move into 2021, it is time to begin to let go of the horrors of 2020. We will be using toilet paper as a focus. We will visualize the mess of 2020, then visualize the cleaning of that mess with the toilet paper and some metaphorical disinfectant spray. Finally, we will literally flush it down the toilet. I do not expect us to be able to let go of everything in the first try. But this is a technique that can be used over and over while we peel off the layers of ALL the emotions of 2020. 

Sound good? Awesome! Please go grab a bit of toilet paper, any amount will do. No rush, we will wait:)

Hi again! Are you ready?

Let’s take 3 deep breaths to ground and center.

Pick up your square of toilet paper, an item so common and yet so precious this past year. Think about its intended purpose, to clean. It feels so soft and fragile and yet is strong and absorbent. The toilet paper you hold in your hand is the link between you in the real world in a meditative state and the inside space we are about to enter. What we clean up there transfers to the real world and will be what we flush at the end. Also know this is now extra strong, magic TP that is able to absorb all we throw at it with room to spare AND keep its original shape. Before we begin, thank it for helping you with this important task. 

Now, close your eyes and think about what a crappy year this was for us as individuals and for the world in general. I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of naming each individual thing that happened. 1. That would take sooooooo looooong, and 2.  I no longer want to give energy to it. Instead let us think of all of those things as a collective ooze that has invited itself into us. An accumulation of gunk. It is time to get out your favorite imaginary disinfectant spray and the magic toilet paper.

Imagine your insides are like a room and that all that negativity has become a solid, tangible thing that has made a mess on the counters and in the corners of your soul. It looks like dirt that was tracked in by uncaring shoes. It is the clearly visible muck that 2020 left lying around on its way out the door. Find a spot of collective funk and give it a spritz. Now take the toilet paper and wipe it up. 

See another spot? Spray and wipe. Watch the surface underneath become clean and streak-free in one swipe of your magic TP. 

See it gleam and feel how much lighter you are. 

Look above you. Spray and wipe. 

Look behind you. Spray and wipe.

To the left. Spray and wipe.

To the right. Spray and wipe.

All around you. Spray and wipe

Sneaky garbage. Spray and wipe.

It can’t hide. Spray and wipe. 

I see you! Spray and wipe.

In the shadows. Spray and wipe

Nooks and crannies. Spray and wipe.  

Get it out! Spray and wipe.

You’re The Boss! Spray and wipe! 

Clean that space! Spray and wipe!

Nice and shiny! Spray and wipe!

Oh! The lightness! Spray and wipe.

Oh! The freedom! Spray and wipe. 

Squeaky clean! Spray and wipe. 

All that crap! Spray and wipe.


Now take a breath. Look around. See the clean. Feel the clean. 

Take another breath. We don’t want to leave any vacuums in the beautiful space you have cleansed and purified, so for every place you have cleaned, we will now fill that clean space with healing light. 

Whatever the countertop of your soul or the bookshelves of your psyche look like, let’s envision a gentle, golden-white light. This light starts from you and expands out to fill every nook and cranny, every forgotten corner, every inch of the sparkling space that was hidden away by the muck and grime of 2020. You feel the warmth of the light wash over you and seep into your skin, wrapping you in comfort like a cozy blanket. You see the brilliance of the light grow, filling the space with a peaceful, gentle kind of hope.

Hold onto that feeling for a moment. What does that serene hopefulness feel like? Breathe it in.

Take another breath. See the light. Smell the clean. Feel the peace.

Remember that you can draw on this feeling anytime, as we work together to heal from the mess of 2020.

Now it is time to come back to this time and this space. Wiggle your toes. Open your eyes. Scrunch up your nose. Do a nice big stretch! Hi there 🙂

Now, hold on to that magic toilet paper. Feel the weight of all that psychic gunk that has passed into its absorbent, strong self. And thank it for its work today. Now, let’s get up and flush it down the toilet! As you watch it go, feel the weight of the mess go with it. Down the tube, and away from you. Gone to be recycled by Mother Earth into fresh clean energy.

YOU try making a toilet look mystical...


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