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You are creative, and others connect with what you have to say. If this is you, we need your help. If it’s not you, I argue that you are wrong. The trick is to find your voice. Is it the written word? Is it pictures and commentary? Is it the spoken word? Mime? No matter your voice, no matter how unique you are, there are others out there that can connect with and benefit from your experience, and they might find you on Earth Tones.

I’m Not Interesting

Yes. Yes you are. What story should you tell? That’s easy. Your story. We all have moments of small epiphany every day, moments of joy, anger, sadness, and gratitude. So write it down, take a picture of it, talk about it, or craft it with pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks. The hardest part is starting. Have an idea, but not sure how to capture it? Start a conversation about it with a friend or on our Facebook Group. Whatever you do, just keep moving forward.

I’m Too Busy

The next step is to just get it captured. Don’t edit as you go since that will just take you out of the zone. Instead, keep writing, talking, crafting, whatever, until you have lots of raw material. Do it all in one go, or add a little every day. Whatever works for you. Once you have something, you can submit it right away and we’ll work with you to get it ready for publication. Or you can make a few passes yourself, cutting and polishing until you’re happy with it.

Perfect is the enemy of good – Voltaire, maybe

Either way, submitting is not the end, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. We’ll work with you to get it ready and schedule it for publication when you are happy with it.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be writing. Photography, music, spoken word, mime (maybe not mime) are all options. I look forward to your submission.

Blank Paper is Scary

If writing is your gig, then you know there are few things more terrifying than staring at a blank page. So, start with a title, and go from there. Here are some title ideas (shamelessly “inspired” by the internet) that might help spark your imagination:

  • Why I Write/Sculpt/Dance…
  • My Love Affair With…
  • Interview with (someone who’s no longer living – you make up the answers you think they’d give)
  • A Charity You Should Know About
  • If I Ran the World
  • 5 Books You Need to Read
  • The One Thing I Do Every Day
  • If Keyboards Could Talk
  • My Favorite Thing About Facebook
  • The Coolest Thing I’ve Found in Google
  • The Weirdest Thing I’ve Found in Google
  • The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen at Ritual
  • Why I Don’t Write Poetry
  • If I Were Writing a Screenplay
  • Cover Story Dreams (if you were on the cover of a magazine which one would it be and why)
  • A Turning Point
  • Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind
  • Creativity Lessons from Children
  • What My Popcorn Maker Taught Me About Love
  • Playing Devil’s Advocate with the Voices in My Head
  • Technology I Can’t Live Without
  • How I Overcome Challenges
  • The Biggest Goal I’ve Achieved So Far
  • What I Do When I Fail
  • If I Were My Mother I’d Tell Myself…
  • What I Wish They’d Invent
  • What X Will Be Like In 10 Years
  • My Favorite Free Tools/Resources
  • What’s on My Desk Right Now
  • Top 3 Favorite YouTube Videos
  • If I Could Only Visit One Website Today…
  • Best Bumper Sticker I’ve Seen Lately
  • What I’d Do Differently if I Were (Insert Big Brand Here)
  • The One Thing I Wish I’d Known Before…
  • The 5 or 10 Websites I Visit Most Often
  • Things I’ve Learned on Twitter
  • How to Reinvent Yourself
  • Childhood Plans (What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up)
  • If Space Travel Were Here Today
  • One Person I’m Glad I Met
  • My Favorite Quotes and Why
  • Inspired Creations (Share Favorite Creation)
  • How to Know You’re On The Right Path
  • Where to Find Support for Your Ambitions
  • Dreaming Big Enough
  • Learning to Relax… Take a Mini-

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