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A Simple Invocation

In Ritual by Johnson Davis1 Comment

A simple invocation I learned from a close friend long ago. By the Earth below,By the Winds that blow,By the Fires that glow,By the Waters that flow. Elements hear us,Your …

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Coming Out of the Broom Closet

In Spirituality by Stephanie2 Comments

The decision to “come out of the broom closet” (modern parlance for going public with your Paganism) is a highly personal one. Wherever you are in your Pagan journey, public or not, I encourage you to take a look at how your share your Paganism with others. Whatever your choice, the decision to stay in or come out of the broom closet should be a conscious one – not just a default based in fear.

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What makes me me?

In Spirituality by Johnson DavisLeave a Comment

I was having dinner with friends at a neighbor’s house and, as usually happens towards the end of the evening, the conversation turned towards the unanswerable questions. (Why are we …