There are a number of sources for the pictures, videos and other assets on this site, many provided directly by our members. To help support Creative Commons (CC) artists, here are some links and guidelines we ask our authors to follow when finding images for their content.

Always, once you have found an image, be sure to follow the licensing requirements, which may include attribution. This will often be a bit of text and a link which can be associated with the image on our site.

The Creative Commons organization itself has a searchable repository with filters for different licensing models. In addition, there are some excellent third party repositories just for CC0 (fully free images):

Free of copyrights under CC0.
Do whatever you want.

Commercial “Free” Repositories

Many commercial photo repositories also have CC, CC0 or “free” downloads for images at resolutions perfectly adequate for a website. They typically charge for the much higher resolution needed for print media or try to upsell you to commercial image sites.

And finally, you can always do a google image search.

Use the “Tools” button to filter for “Creative Commons” license.

It is very important to find and follow the licensing guidelines for images found this way. “Create Commons licenses” often have attribution requirements, and this Google filter may not always get it right, showing you a copyrighted image that must be purchased before it can be used.