The Church of the Earth has been hosting rituals and social gatherings for the followers of Earth-based spiritual paths since 1999. Our rituals are always open to the respectful public.

If you are an eclectic solitary, a druid with an active grove, or just “Spiritual”, with no path other than the one you are finding as you go, the Church of the Earth may be a place where you can find friends, joining a community that agrees on these four basic tenets:

I believe every person’s religious belief is correct, for them.

The Earth is my Mother; I cherish and protect Her in all things

I learn from the past and from my elders as I create my own future.

I, and I alone, am accountable for my actions.

How do I get involved?


We have many gatherings every month, including morning circles, full moon rituals, Sabbats, classes, and social gatherings. We use Meetup to maintain a calendar and allow everyone to RSVP so leaders can plan events and supplies.


Get more connected by subscribing to our mailing list. You’ll receive Earth Tones, the Church of the Earth Newsletter, and occasional special announcements not related to specific events. (We will not share your email address.)


You can help sustain Church of the Earth with a monthly donation, used for park rentals, supplies, and to eventually buy land. You can make a one time donation, or set a small donation to recur monthly, what we call a “Sustaining” donation. Either way, Thank You!

The Lending Library is Open!

We are pleased to announce that the Church of the Earth Lending Library is now open for members to check out books. Search our shelves at , then start requesting books!