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Why Beltane is My Favorite Holiday

In Community, Ritual, Spirituality by Stephanie1 Comment

Beltane is the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, and is traditionally celebrated on May 1st. However, the astronomical midpoint is usually a few days later. While Beltane Day is very sacred to me, I also celebrate a whole Beltane season, which, for my personal practice, involves a fortnight of festivities centered on May 1st and astronomical Beltane.

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310 Acre Wood

In Divinely Inspired, Nature, Ritual by DoddeLeave a Comment

One fine day while walking through the 310 Acre Wood with my head in the clouds, I happened to glance down at a surprising sight. At the base of a tree was a little pool of water by which someone had very carefully arranged a circle of rocks. Huh. I wondered how many times I had walked by without noticing it and took a picture.

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Brigid’s Butter

In Practical Magick, Ritual by Jenny MLeave a Comment

In the Spring the world is being reborn and new life is all around us. Brigid is associated with these young lives, and with the young animals of spring also comes their mothers’ milk. Butter and cheese are made with the surplus milk that is available in the spring. Fresh butter and bread is a staple of Imbolc in my home.