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Winter, a poem

In Divinely Inspired, Nature by Nicole Antaya2 Comments

Deafening white particles lay upon the ground like a blanket. Consistent silencing atmosphere huddles and weighs upon the Earth. Harnessing it’s collective, cool energy, creates a mass of pieces each completing the others.

The breath of snow awakens…

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Full Corn Moon

In Nature, Spirituality by KristenLeave a Comment

As you can see virtually all of the names describe a condition of the natural world or an activity associated with this time of year. These Native American names are shared not so much so we can adopt them, but that we can see how meaning was imbued on each full moon by different peoples. In general, the full moon exaggerates emotions, good or bad, so it is time of greater energy and feeling.

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In Nature, Spirituality by Dodde1 Comment

As I type this, they are cutting our Jungle down. Earlier I was pacing, my heart racing, and worrying the dogs. I had to shut the curtains so Java wouldn’t make himself sick barking. Maybe writing about the trees is a better way to witness what is happening. The words “sweet release” keep running through my head. It is going to be heart wrenching when I open the curtains and Jungle is not there.