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Writing a Short, yet Compelling Article

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One way to write a short, yet compelling article is to use basic essay format, keep it focused and make it personal. Use the essay format because it works, giving you a framework that makes it much easier to fill that blank page. Keep it focused so you can fully address a subject in a useful way. And finally, make it personal so it will be unique out on the stormy sea of cloned content and blatant plagiarism that we call the internet.

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Full Corn Moon

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As you can see virtually all of the names describe a condition of the natural world or an activity associated with this time of year. These Native American names are shared not so much so we can adopt them, but that we can see how meaning was imbued on each full moon by different peoples. In general, the full moon exaggerates emotions, good or bad, so it is time of greater energy and feeling.