Crystal Corner: Amethyst Edition

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Stone of Peace

Most of us are familiar with the illustrious healing crystal, Amethyst. Don’t let the affordability of this striking purple quartz fool you into thinking it any less powerful or compelling. Found all over the world (including within our very own Haywood County, North Carolina), Amethyst has the age-old reputation for aiding in struggle with alcoholism; its name derives from Greek “a-methustos”, which translates to “not drunk”. A stone of receptive energy, Amethyst embodies peace, love, healing, protection, and spirituality. Its soothing nature makes it a favorable crystal to enhance sleep, ward off nightmares and insomnia, and deep dive into dream work. Highly spiritual, Amethyst is well known to be an assistant in psychism. It is commonly associated with the third eye and crown chakras and can be used to connect to your higher mind and power. Courage and happiness inducing, this stunning stone has a calming effect that supports one to find their truest, healthiest self.

Stone Tarot

Each of the Major Arcana Tarot cards has its own corresponding stone. One of each of these corresponding stones can be gathered in a bag to form a complete Stone Tarot set. Amethyst is an excellent crystal for this type of divination as it aligns with number XIV of the Major Arcana in the Tarot: Temperance. Amethyst, in all its violet glory, guides us to the balance and harmony of Temperance by gently urging us closer to our highest spiritual energy. It supports us to let go of attachments that hinder us from growth. This healing stone gifts the user a peaceful and calm energy that begets patient growth, the courage to try something new and to do so with care, a connection with the truest form of love and happiness, or simply the ability to enjoy things in moderation.


Amethyst aligns with the element of water, which is evident when considering its characteristics and healing properties. Therefore amethyst is an outstanding asset to any ritual involving these properties; such as love, healing, sleep, or psychism. Amethyst is great for use in healing rituals in regard to relationships (including platonic, romantic, and familial).

Quick! Try This!

Having trouble sleeping? Place an Amethyst under your pillow.
Feeling stressed? Hold an Amethyst in your receiving (non-dominant) hand. Rest and breathe deeply while allowing its healing energy to absorb into and flow through your body.

Temperance card pictured is from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck:

Books used for research and all Amethysts pictured were purchased from The Holy Rose in Raleigh, NC:

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