Winter Hat and Glove Drive 

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The Church of the Earth is sponsoring a Hat and Glove drive for Healing Transitions, a fully donation supported treatment facility in downtown Raleigh for men and women who are suffering from addiction.

How it Works

In this time of Covid, we are doing this with an Amazon Wishlist. We created the wish list after talking with their community donations director about what is needed for the participants and their children in these bitterly cold winter months. When you purchase things from the list, they will be ship to our community outreach chairperson and he will be making regular trips to the facility to deliver the donations. This will allow you, our generous donors, to stay home and stay safe.

The need is great, but many hands make light work. December is always when organizations receive the most donations, but need exists year-round. Let’s help our community as the cold weather remains for a while longer.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Healing Transitions has a comprehensive recovery program and provides many classes to help people enter back in to society with the best chance possible for success. These classes include computer basics, how to write a resume, how to handle an interview, how to formulate and stick to a budget. These seem like fairly basic things, and yet it is an essential part of getting people back on their feet who have been suffering from addiction for most of their lives.

The facility is a long term treatment program that provides food, clothing and housing for its participants while they receive the treatment needed for their disease. While participants are in treatment they also provide food, clothing and school supplies for their children. The big thing about Healing Transitions is the fact that their program is 100% free to it’s participants. As such, they rely entirely on donations to provide help to those who need it.

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