February 2022 Events

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Earthtones Newsletter Planning

Thu, Feb 3 · 7:30 PM EST, Hosted by Johnson

This is a regular planning meeting for the Earth Tones newsletter. If you would like to help with writing, editing, photography or any other aspect of producing our newsletter, we would like to invite you to come be part of the process. See you there!

February Full Moon

Mon, Feb 15 · 7:30 PM EST, Hosted by Johnson

Join us for a ritual to invoke, honor and hear the charge of the Spirit of the Moon.

Spirit of the Moon, You have been known by many names in many lands in many times.
In the dark of night, You shine down upon us and bathe us in Your light….

VIRTUAL Pagan Book Club – February

Tue, Feb 22 · 7:30 PM EST, Hosted by Casey

February’s selection will be the movie Chocolat, starring Juliet Binoche. It’s a delicious tale about a magical chocolatier that opens up shop in a prim conservative small French town. It’s available on Netflix, but we’ll also work out a viewing party on Discord before the book club meet up to make sure it’s accessible for everyone. Hope to see you there! 

Johnson Davis

Johnson DavisI'm a practical animist, so I believe everything has an inner life and our actions should be tempered by ethical thought. And take down all the guard rails. Weee!

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