January 2022 Events

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Earth Prayers:
Bring Your Poetry for the Earth to Share!

Tue, Jan 11 · 7:30 PM EST, Hosted by Kristen

The intention for this gathering is to honor Gaia with poetry and prayers to deepen our connection to the Earth. Bring one of your favorite poems or prayers that either you have written or read and share it with other members on the call. Our poems will be interspersed with readings from Earth Prayers, a collection of poems, prayers and invocations for honoring the Earth from around the world. Sharing is not required; you are welcome to just come and enjoy.

Earthtones Newsletter Planning

Thu, Jan 13 · 7:30 PM EST, Hosted by Johnson

This is a regular planning meeting for the Earth Tones newsletter. If you would like to help with writing, editing, photography or any other aspect of producing our newsletter, we would like to invite you to come be part of the process. See you there!

January Full Moon

Mon, Jan 17 · 7:30 PM EST, Hosted by Dodde

Join us for our January Full Moon, hosted by Dodde! More information coming soon!

VIRTUAL Pagan Book Club – January

Tue, Jan 25 · 7:30 PM EST

January’s selection is Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. In a garden surrounded by a tall fence, tucked away behind a small, quiet house in an even smaller town, is an apple tree that is rumored to bear a very special sort of fruit. In this luminous debut novel, Sarah Addison Allen tells the story of that enchanted tree, and the extraordinary people who tend it.


Sun, Jan 30 · 1:00 PM EST, Hosted by Laurel

At Imbolc, we welcome the return of the light and the coming of Spring by honoring the Celtic Goddess Brighid. At this time of year, the Old Woman of Winter is reborn as the Young Maiden of Spring, growing stronger each day as the sun rekindles its fire, turning scarcity into abundance. We will continue our tradition of blessing candles to use in our own spiritual practice during the year, and will reaffirm, welcome, and bless our Council Chair, Council Members, and Trustees. Please plan to have your own candles ready to be blessed since we will not be meeting in person this year.

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