Midsummer’s Bonfire

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Fuels. Fire. Fire. Fuels.

Sparking. Burning . Only a spark it takes

To ignite such a passion

To be seen miles away

An oasis, a safe haven, life itself.

Culture originates from it

Seeds spread from it

Forests reborn through it

Sustains us from it.

Crucibles, cauldrons, try to contain it

Chars and creates scars

Breaks chemical bonds with ease

Alchemy at its finest. Just being.

Varying of forms it takes

Match, Spark, Embers, Sun, Stars, Nebula

Ignites with discernment and adversity

Fervor of its own origin, unapologetically

Set ablaze to conquer all in its path

Crackling with voice and advocacy

Water opposes it.

Most fear it.

Life respects it.

We are it.

Burning our passions & desires with purpose

Igneous resilience comprise our souls

Human hearts it makes

Bonfire, soirée of the grandiose flame dance

Stoking our imaginations to clear the way

Dilapidated facades

We are embers seeking our next transformation.

The state of eternal blaze.

We are Fire.

Fuels. Fire. Fire. Fuels

Nicole Antaya

Nicole AntayaWitches Brew: A taste of Nicole’s thoughts, I love writing poetry and I love meeting other members of Church of the Earth.🌱 ❤️🌏


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