Animism: G-670: Medical Droid

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High tech hip-hugger, BFF’s for life

Companion, complainer, adapter, surveyor

Giving voice to the voiceless;

Life-blood, cells and kidneys all bow down to you

Computer engineering health, longevity, fortitude

The ever watchful, alert eye at all hours of the night

On alert, so I may rest

Inventory of glucose

Protects vital organs by connecting me to the Elemental of Water, hydration

Liaison ambassador to healthcare providers

Assessment reports for tweaking settings

Freedom for the body, freedom for the tongue

Allows me to enjoy each bold morsel of flavor without worry

Mindful intelligence, always searching

Enthusiastic cries and tones indicating protection

Open lines of communication between messenger and receiver

Linguistics, comprehended and utilized

A1C Reversal System

Reciprocal relationship required

Battery changes, reservoir switches, calibration checks

Nuisance communication at three A.M.

Needy reassurance through fingersticks at beginning of each new sensor

Pain in my literal side, scar tissue will show our past quarrels

Insulin resistant areas, fighting a battle uphill

But all said and done, inseparable we are

But a good team we are

But lifesaving they are!

My trusty, noble advocate

G-670: Medical Insulin Droid, reporting for Duty!

Nicole Antaya

Nicole AntayaWitches Brew: A taste of Nicole’s thoughts, I love writing poetry and I love meeting other members of Church of the Earth.🌱 ❤️🌏

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