Reiki — My Master Attunement and How I Drove My Guardian Angel to Drink — Part 2

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Continued from Part 1.

Rather Unique

The week prior, I ate a clean diet and managed a couple of meditation sessions. I also reviewed my symbols and prayed for a good outcome. There was some cognitive dissonance; I was less than a year from my divorce and had a job at a floundering research company.

The night before, I reached out to my biological and spiritual ancestors. I reached out to other etheric Reiki Masters who had shown themselves to me when I was working.

Note to self — when you are working with Spiritualists, let them know you are invoking spirits to be present. It turns out that neither of them slept very well as they were barraged with spiritual interlopers asking “is he there yet?” Both of them called and emailed me to make sure I would be there. I’d waited nearly 7 years. I would be there.

There are some in the Reiki community who are touchy about the whole attunement process and symbology therein so I will skip over that. The Master Symbols are available online if you are so moved to review them. The fact remains that the symbols are like software. I can hand you a disk or a drive but until it is installed, there not much to discuss.

My installation process was rather unique. It went on for more than an hour and could have been performed in thirty minutes or so. If you are in the loop, I will elaborate.

There were peculiarities. I had not one, but two, Reiki Master Teachers present as each was instructed to have the other present. There were the three of us in a dining room that only had a massage table, a boom box, and a floor lamp. However, it felt like a crowded elevator as the room was packed with spiritual entities. Also peculiar was that after the traditional symbols were presented, three more non-Reiki symbols were presented.

In my mind, I saw a purple Star of David in three dimensions. It looked like two pyramids had merged at the apex until the tip of the former protruded through the base of the latter. I would learn later that this shape is called a merkaba. It rotated on the y-axis and gave off a purple plasma flame. I would was told by my spiritualist friends that this was Saint Germain coming in and participating in one of the symbols. I would later learn who this is and why it was significant.

Last, and certainly not least, I was told that Archangel Michael also participated in the ceremony. Although I did not see him / her, I felt my ears pop about the same time both of the Spiritualist Reiki Masters gasped. Apparently, Archangels will “claim” someone to act as their emissary on the Earth plane. Since 2011, Michael has been mostly quiet. Granted, there have been a couple of occasions where I have pushed boundaries (e.g. challenging a nature spirit) and he’s had to swoop in. Anywhere from a day to a month later, I will dream he’s sitting on my couch, drinking a beer, and giving me a “tisk-tisk” chat. We’ll have more angel stories later.
[ If you have read my other Medium journals, I want to offer some timeline clarification. I had my near death experience in 2005 but I was not permitted to remember the part about becoming music, singing with angels, and meeting Archangel Michael until 2011. So, in 2009, Archangel Michael and I had met previously but did not remember it.]

Mastered by Reiki

Reiki is now my spiritual multi-tool. I clear physical space with it. I protect boundaries with it. When I astral project to dubious places, it is my armor. When I do hands-on work, it literally looks like transparent Hulk hands in my mind’s eye. When I remote view and encounter other remote viewing entities, it serves as a handshake. When I have a decision to make, I have a laboratory in my mind (thank you Silva Method) where other Reiki Masters come to offer advice — but never answers. (They told me to say that!)

At a quantum level, humans have been imbuing “Reiki” with positive healing energy since the Egyptian Mystery Schools based on the Usui source documents written in Sanskrit. Some have remote viewed the foundation of Reiki and found it to be a part of human creation. But, that too, is another post entirely.

If you are on the path of Reiki and have not yet reached Reiki III, please allow me to leave you with advice that served me well. Your energetic signature is elevated and the things in your circle that cannot harmonize will be excised. Friends and family who cast dispersions will either elevate themselves in your presence or they will begin avoiding you. Any foods that may cause you physical or energetic harm will rocket through you. I have known some who needed new jobs, new friends, new foods, and even new spouses after a master attunement.

If you take away nothing else, know that when you agree to be a Reiki Master, what you are really agreeing to is to be mastered by Reiki.

Peace and Blessings

John Mathis

John MathisAuthor, Reiki III, Remote Viewer, Near Death Researcher / Experiencer, and clinical research pioneer. Meat suit driver. Doggo Daddy. Runs on coffee and bourbon.

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