7 Ways to Bring the Magickal into the Mundane

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While I don’t believe that the magickal world and the mundane world are truly separate, sometimes the difference between them can seem rather stark, and can leave you feeling disconnected from your spirituality when you are outside of a specifically spiritual context. Creating a synergy between the magickal and the mundane promotes energetic flow in your life, helps you to deepen your spiritual practice, develops your intuition and spiritual skillset, and brings you closer to Divinity. Here are some simple yet powerful ways to infuse your normal “everyday” life with magick and the Divine:

1. Perform Morning and/or Evening Devotions

Doing a daily devotion to your Deity (or even to the Divine in general, if you don’t have a relationship with a specific deity) can have a profound impact on your spiritual practice. It actively establishes a reciprocal connection between you and the Divine, puts your intentions out into the universe, and sets aside dedicated time for the Divine in your daily life. This is an essential practice if you want to pursue a deeper relationship with a particular deity, but it is worthwhile for any spiritual seeker.

This practice is most effective (and you will be more likely to make it a habit) if you attach it to something that is already a part of your routine. For example, you could do your devotion first thing when you wake up (even while still lying in bed if you’re not a morning person), or right before you go to sleep. I do some of my daily devotions when I put on and take off my sacred jewelry each day, in the morning and in the evening. Try a few different things and see what works best for you!

2. Shower Cleansing Ritual

I love a good shower cleansing ritual, and I’ve been doing one consistently for 15 years now. Since we all shower (maybe not every day, but most days), this is an excellent way to incorporate something magickal into your everyday routine.

Taking a shower is already meditative activity (I’m sure everyone has had at least one shower epiphany in their life), and thus it is a great time to call in some extra energy. I like to call on the element of Water to cleanse and purify my mind, body, and spirit. I envision the water running down my body, cleansing it with a clear, white light. I also call on the element of Air to do the same thing when I am towelling off afterward!

To supercharge this cleansing ritual (usually before big spiritual events or if I feel I need an extra boost to rid myself of energetic gunk), I will use a sea salt scrub on my body. (It’s faster than taking a sea salt bath, and about as effective for me.) In a similar fashion, I will ask the element of Earth to cleanse and purify my mind, body, and spirit.

3. Empower Your Morning Beverage

Your morning beverage can be anything – coffee, tea, milk, a smoothie, a glass of orange juice, or even water. The actual content of the beverage doesn’t matter (though for some extra oomph, try incorporating an ingredient sacred to your Deity), the intention behind it is what is important. Ask your Deity or the Divine to bless the beverage, and to empower it with their energy for a specific intention.

I have rose tea almost every morning, and I ask Aphrodite to bless this tea, and to empower it with her energies so that I may shine her light in the world. Your beverage blessing doesn’t have to be all grandiose. You could ask for confidence for your upcoming presentation later that day, strength to get through a difficult situation you are facing, or for healing if you are sick.

If you are calling to a Deity, you may also wish to dedicate the beverage to them, and drink it in their honor. When I do this, I like to pour out a portion as an offering. That can be a lot to remember in the morning, so sometimes I save a bit in my travel mug, and do it when I get home for the day.

4. Wear Sacred Jewelry

I love sacred spiritual jewelry. It’s beautiful, it’s symbolic, and it holds great meaning to the individual. It serves as a concrete touchstone to the Divine that I can literally wear with me whenever and wherever I want. It is comforting to hold during stressful times, or anytime you need a boost to get through your day. It is also symbolic of your connection to the Divine, and something that you can display without being too in-your-face about your spirituality.

Before I came out of the broom closet, I preferred more discreet spiritual jewelry – the type of symbology that you wouldn’t recognize unless you were also Pagan. (No giant pentacles for me.) Muggles just thought my triple moon pendant looked pretty. As I developed a deeper relationship with Aphrodite, I acquired/made/was given a few pieces of jewelry that are very symbolic to Her. These weren’t widely recognized Pagan symbols, but if you knew I was dedicated to Aphrodite, you would immediately recognize them as Hers.

As with all magickal objects, I recommend cleansing and empowering newly acquired items. Depending on the type of jewelry and its purpose, you may also need to physically clean them or periodically cleanse and recharge them. 

5. Carry Crystals or Other Magickal Items With You

Crystals have a wide variety of uses and come in all shapes and sizes! (Some could even be a part of your sacred jewelry!) This makes them a very convenient item to carry around in a purse, in a pocket, or on a keychain. Do some research and see what crystals might be most beneficial to you, and experiment with different kinds and shapes. As I discussed in my post Heart Healing Meditation Stones and The Extroverted Empath, this process may take some trial and error.

Other magickal items can also be useful to carry around, both for good vibrations and in case you need to perform some magick on the fly. These could be matches, small candles, charms, and any other number of things. Use your imagination!

At the moment, my purse contains at least one rose quartz, a black tourmaline, some Bach’s Flower Essence Rescue Remedy, a white candle, some matches, a vial of rosewater, some special acorns, a Protection oil roll-on made by one of my friends, bubbles, some cedar essential oil, my quarter call from my Pagan group’s most recent ritual, and a hematite ring on my keys. I use at least one of these items each day, and even just having them around makes me feel more connected to magick.

6. Burn Incense or Diffuse Essential Oils

Smell is one of our most primal senses, and it can be a high-powered connection to the Divine. I often like to burn jasmine incense as an offering to Aphrodite. I can light the incense and then go about whatever else I was doing (though I will frequently incorporate it into a ritual or some other devotional activity.) I will also diffuse essential oils while I shower to make it an even more magickal experience.

Back when I had an office job, we acquired an essential oil diffuser at my work, which means I got to have a lot of fun trying new essential oils and using oils that help the office vibe for the day. It’s a neat way to do magick in the office without it being obvious or over-the-top (or interfering with anyone’s freewill).

A cautionary note: Some people will be sensitive to certain scents or incense smoke. Please respect those around you when doing this. Pets can also have bad reactions to certain essential oils (cats in particular lack a liver enzyme that allows them to break down the components of some oils), so exercise caution when using essential oils around pets and do your research beforehand!

7. Clear Your Chakras Before Bed

Not only will this help you to connect to the Earth and to the Divine, it will also clear out the energetic gunk from your day and relax you so that you can get a good night’s sleep. You can call on any Deities or Elements that you feel would help you with this endeavor. I typically use the steps outlined in my Chakra Clearing Meditation post, but feel free to keep what works for you and drop what doesn’t. Make it your own! It will be more powerful and meaningful that way.

I hope this list has helped to spark some ideas of how you can bring magick into the mundane in your everyday life. Be on the lookout for a Part Two, coming soon!

Brightest blessings!

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