Kelly – Need the Info (Chapter 2)

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It was time to bring magic back into her life! Kelly felt on fire as she dreamed of finding the key to the elusive secrets she longed for. Back in the 80s she tried, but there were no groovy bookstores draped in incense and scarves and she didn’t want to get involved with the Tinfoil Hat club. She partnered with her trusty library card and read every fantasy novel, trying to decipher the mysterious. As entertained as Kelly was, she could not unlock the code. She felt out of options and put her focus elsewhere. Soon she fell in love and set about to make a “normal” life. She and her kids read witchy stories, danced in the rain, created mud and grass concoctions, collected acorns and seashells, and sat quietly in the park until the deer and crows forgot they were there. She taught them to respect nature, even the bugs; and to be kind, but take no guff. Sigh Memory Lane was delightful, but it did not get her answers.

To the Internet! Where once she lived in a desert of no information, now she had a glorious box from which knowledge flowed, secrets waiting to be revealed! She got a steaming mug of deliciousness and set out to find her destiny. One headache and two hours later Kelly surfaced gasping for breath. How could she ever sort through it? She was determined to do it the “right way” but had no idea what that was. For every three authors there were 20 opinions, and they ALL contradicted each other! AHHHHH!
What she needed was a Starting Point, a consultant to point her down the path less traveled. Where on earth was she going to find THAT? And in the way of things, she spied an advert for a New Age-y Fair on the weekend. That was not too intimidating, right? Who knows, there might be incense and scarves.

Millions of eager tarot readers sat at tiny tables in the middle of the chaos. Kelly could not birth her new self here where she felt so exposed. She felt the Panic Monster creep up her neck, closing off her throat. Nope! She was not ready for this. She fled to the side wall and anonymity. When she could see again, she discovered she had landed next to a cozy booth of lovely stones and books with intriguing covers laid out for causal perusal. She felt comfortable here in the shadows.

Tucked in the corner, a woman with a kindly face smiled up at her. Kelly was struck by how “right” this moment felt. As if playing out a scene from a beloved movie, Kelly sat down and was handed a bag. She pulled several items from it and the reading began. What she remembered most was the crystal, a quartz with a little cave inside it. The woman asked what secret was in the cave and if Kelly would finally embrace it. That meant acknowledging what she had known since the Bewitched days and had pushed aside so many times. THIS was the Starting Point. The rest would come if only she said the words out loud. Quietly and with conviction Kelly said, “I am a witch.”

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