Imbolc 2021

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Last week one of the questions Dodde posted on our Facebook page asked members what our favorite Sabbat might be and why. For those of you who know me well, you probably laughed and said, “Laurel’s is Imbolc, of course!” And I did immediately say – Imbolc of course! But then I stopped. What about Yule and Samhain and Autumn Equinox and…and…and all the others?! I love them too! But Imbolc. Yes, Imbolc is extra special for me.

In 2012, I led my first Sabbat at Church of the Earth

In 2012, I led my first Sabbat at Church of the Earth – the Imbolc Sabbat and Brigid’s Sabbat. As I prepared for the ritual and found poetry and prose written to honor her, the deeper my relationship to Her became and I realized that I was Hers and She was mine. At Imbolc 2014, Church Council ordained me to be High Priestess for Church of the Earth. And this coming Sunday, January 31, 2021 I am again honored to lead the Imbolc Sabbat – Brigid’s Sabbat for Church of the Earth.

At Imbolc we welcome the return of the light and the coming of Spring by honoring the Celtic Goddess, Brigid. We will thank and acknowledge and welcome our Church of the Earth Council Chair, Members, and Trustees. We will bless candles together – on ZOOM this year. And like the ancient and current Flame Tenders of Brigid, we will continue the devotional practice of tending the flame as we light candles to chase away the dark, to add focus to our spells and our prayers, to celebrate special times, and to remember those we love. And the Light which Brigid shares will continue uninterrupted.

The respectful public is invited to join us online for Imbolc
on Sunday, January 31, 2021, led by Laurel.


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