Moon Names for the Central North Carolina Pagan

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Most of us are familiar with different names for the lunar months, like the Hunter’s Moon or the Wolf Moon. These names often come to us from older cultures and reflect how those cultures saw the natural yearly cycle. But what if we named the moons according to our modern environment and experience? I invite you to try this! Here are some names I’ve come up with for our own mid-North Carolina moons:

  • Half-inch of Snow Snowpocalypse Moon
  • Global Warming Just Made All the Summer Bulbs Come Up Please Don’t Die Moon
  • So Much Cold Rain Moon
  • Baby Slug Moon
  • Clean the Spiders Out of the Kayak Moon
  • Where Did All These Giant Spiders Suddenly Come From Moon
  • So Much Squash Why Is There So Much Squash How Does It Grow 8 Inches in 12 Hours Moon
  • Student Invasion Moon
  • Student Assimilation Moon
  • Almost Halloween Moon
  • Halloween Moon
  • Still Halloween Moon
  • Co-opted Pagan Holiday Moon

Jamie Browne

Jamie BrowneI'm basically a kitchen witch, working with mostly Dianic-based craft since I was 18. I've met some of my most cheerfully demented friends through COTE 🙂


  1. Squishy Mud Lawn Moon
    Pine Pollen Powder Moon (season only lasts 7-10 days, can’t call it a Moon cycle, which is a good thing!)

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