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In the depths of cold and frigid winter, we often feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of holidays and disconnected from the lack of sunlight. We long for a chance to be warm and cozy, creating nooks of comfy spots within our homes to gather and rejuvenate.

The Danes and Norwegians call this comfy, coziness hygge (pronounced something like \HEW-guh). Its origins can be traced back to Nordic winters and the comforting warmth of fires as they gathered sipping glogg or tea while enjoying the intimate conversation of close friends.

Hygge is not about being perfect

Hygge is not about being perfect, it is about celebrating the fellowship and imperfectness of humanity. It is focusing on being in the moment, relaxed, centered, and letting go of all the chaotic world around you. Hygge is about really connecting with people, being together, participating in activities together.

Hopefully, you are already in your favorite flannel jammies, fuzzy slippers, or hyggebukser. (comfy nonpublic pants) So, take a moment to gather your blankets, settle into your favorite chair, and enjoy your warm tea or cocoa.

Visualization: Loving Hands Meditation

Take a few moments to get comfortable, settle into your hygge space. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Feel the air fill your lungs. The warm blood flowing through your body through your torso, to your arms, legs, fingers, toes, and head.

As you sit focused on your breathing, ruminate on what it is that is causing you the most stress at this moment. Maybe it is the to do list, your job, finances, a project that is due. Or perhaps health issues, or the safety and health of friends and family. It can simply be that you are overwhelmingly exhausted from the past few weeks of hustle and bustle.

Take a Moment

Take a moment and sit with this person, place or thing that is causing tension or unrest within you. Once you have a clear picture of the person, place or thing begin to visualize a set of hands. These are large, loving, and warm hands cupped together as if to form a cradle.

Allow yourself to see the source of your exhaustion and frustration within these loving, warm hands. See them comfortably resting within the cupped hands filled with love and serenity. Allow yourself to feel the warmth, love, and compassion emanating from the cupped hands now holding your troubles. Feel your heart space begin to mend, your strength rejuvenates, and your spirit brighten.

Now turn and walk away from them

When you are ready, take a few deep breathes and allow yourself to leave these worries, anxieties, fears, and stresses within the cupped hands, knowing that they will be taken care of without further action from you. Now turn and walk away from them. As you walk, your strength returns and your hearth warms. Your spirit lightens as you become aware of those around you.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Allow the warm aroma of your cocoa or tea to fill your nostrils and lungs, encompassing you in a cloud of comfort and coziness. Feel yourself sitting in your hygge space. Become aware of the cup in your hand, your breathe, the rise and fall of your chest


MGI've been coming to the church since I moved here in 2009. I have found a great group of friends and it has added a lot to my mostly solitary practice.


  1. Thank you for posting the meditation! I found it very helpful and plan to use it again.

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