Plant Magic; Rue

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Description:  A perennial native to southern Europe and northern Africa, Rue is a somewhat shrubby evergreen. It has bluish green leaves, emits a powerful odor, and has a bitter and acidic taste. Its yellow flowers bloom from June through September

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Astrology: Saturn in Leo

Associated Deities: Aphrodite, Aradia, Diana, Mars

Lore: The name Rue comes from the genus name ruta, which comes from the Greek work reuo, which translates to “set free”.  In ancient times it became linked to sorrow and remorse, as well as known for being a protective herb against hostile magic, according to Aristotle. Also having a reputation as a medicinal herb as well as an aphrodisiac, the herb was used in Europe for love and fertility charms. Doctors during the bubonic plague thought that rue could help fight against it, and would wear sachets of the herb around their necks.

Safety: Rue can be poisonous in large doses and should never be used during pregnancy or nursing. Do not use it internally if you are using blood thinning medications. Rue can also cause a skin rash on sensitive skin.

Parts Used: Leaves

Magical Uses:  

  • Add to a sachet in a red bag to attract attraction, love, or conquest
  • Add to your bath to restore health and balance
  • Burn to attract prosperity
  • Place at the door of your home for protection
  • Mix with spring water, and sprinkle around the home to promote peace, or to remove a jinx
  • Add to any healing spell

Medical uses:
***DISCLAIMER: DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY IF TAKING BLOOD THINNER MEDICINE. Do not use as a substitute for actual medicine. Please talk to your doctor before use.***

  • Fresh leaves laid on the temple will help to relieve headaches. Make sure to bruise the leaves first.
  • A compress made of rue on the chest eases bronchitis
  • Rue leaves can ease severe pain of sciatica
  •  Due to its antispasmodic properties, rue can be used to relax muscles, ease coughs, and lower blood pressure.
  • Can be used to help regulate menstruation


BrittanyI am a practicing Elemental Witch and a dedicant of The Morrighan and Cernunnos. Church of the Earth has been my spiritual family since 2016.

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