Plant Magic: Angelica

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The Angelica plant is a tall perennial that grows in damp places, loves partial shade, and is cultivated for its medicinal value. It stands between 3-8 feet high when mature and has white or greenish white flowers, with divided and glossy leaves.
This plant can be confused with water hemlock, which can be fatal if consumed. Please be careful if wild harvesting.

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Gender: Masculine

Astrology: Sun in Leo

Associated Deities: Venus

Lore: Believed to have originated in Syria, this plant can now be found all over the world. It has cultivated a reputation for having protective powers, and would be used to protect against the plague or malicious spirits, as well as thought to be a cure for poison. It became common for peasants to make garlands and place them on their children to protect them from illness and witches.

Safety: Do not ingest if diabetic. The essential oil can cause photosensitivity and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Parts Used: Root, leaves

Magical Uses:  
Use in spells for protection, both general and against harmful spirits, especially for women & children

  • Sprinkle around the home or grow around the yard for protection
  • Smoking the leaves encourages visions (not recommended)
  • Burn for a blessing, hex breaking, or exorcism
  • Bathe to remove curse

Medical uses:
DISCLAIMER: Do not use if diabetic or pregnant. Do not use as a substitute for actual medicine. Please talk to your doctor before use. ***

  • Thought to improve circulation as well as aid in several digestive ailments, you can drink Angelica as a tea to aid with bloating, depression, headaches, heartburn, or indigestion.
  • Externally, Angelica can be used to cleanse cuts as well as promote healing.

Resources: Encyclopedia of Natural Magic by John Michael Greer, Witchipedia.


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