Frigg’s Forest: Nature Art

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As the All-Mother, Frigg is the Norse Goddess of Mothers and protector of children. Frigg’s Forest is an ongoing series of tips and activities to involve your children in your practice.

Summer is here! The time childhood is made of! It’s time to go outside and play! A few great ways to spend some time outside, with focus and without “I’m bored” is to go on scavenger hunts.

Take the five spiritual Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Can you find five things to represent each of the five Elements? Depending on the age of your child, you could make them a sheet to organize their findings or allow them to make their own before beginning your adventure.

A way to build upon said scavenger hunt would be to create nature art. How many items can you find of each color? Or of each element? Now, can you make a picture?

Perhaps a house, or a star? Maybe a heart? Could you even do a landscape?

Photo: left,right

Finally, with sticks you have found, you can make a star garland! Soak the sticks for at least an hour in cool water, which helps them become more pliable and easier to work with. (Depending on the age of your child, the next step is a grownup step!) Use hot glue to glue the ends together to make a star. Now, take ribbon, twine, yarn—of whatever texture and color suits you—and bind each of the ends together over the glue. The glue keeps the sticks in place to be bound and together both connections make a strong point. Now, using your binding material, decide which is the top point of each star and string the cord through, making a small knot at the top of each star. You can make the space between the stars as big or as small as you desire for your space. When you are finished, hang your star garland in a place where you can display it—either in a private space for yourself or in a common area for everyone around to enjoy.

Although, why stop with sticks? Pine cones, acorns, seashells, found gifted feathers! The only limit is your preference and imagination.

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