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This morning the sky is grey, and a cold rain is falling. A certain little dog thinks she would like to stay out and play in it, but the temperature is dropping, and we may have another freeze tonight. Little Dog is not convinced, but it seems to me that the Cailleach isn’t quite ready to let go of her hold. Yes, days are definitely longer, and Spring is not too far away—snowdrops and daffodils are blooming, the tulips won’t be far behind them, and everywhere you look, pink puffy trees stand like ballerinas, fluffing their tutus.

Earlier this month, Church of the Earth gathered at Umstead Park to celebrate Imbolc and the return of the light. We shared a meal together, created Brigid’s Crosses, and burned Yule greenery in the wonderful huge fireplace. As has become our tradition, we blessed candles to take home to our altars.

Imbolc is a traditional time for dedication and oaths, and each year at this time, the Church of the Earth affirms and acknowledges our Council Chair, Council Members, and Trustees. This year, Imbolc marked the fifth anniversary of my ordination as High Priestess for Church of the Earth. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you in this way. Our Council Chair, Mary Grace, was confirmed and will serve you for another year, and our Council and Trustees were affirmed and acknowledged.

Two years ago at Imbolc we bade farewell to our beloved Gaia’s Gardens. We of the Church of the Earth continue to walk new paths as we worship in parks and other spaces, as we continue to grow as a community, and as we continue the search for our new home. I ask that you continue to keep the Church’s symbol, the compass rose, in your hearts as we search for the new space which we will one day make our own.

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