The Notorious LTD Present Samhain 2018

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20181103_195851The wheel has turned again, and at the third harvest we reflect on the past. We acknowledge that it is hard to connect with the world of our ancestors when we have light at the flip of a switch and peaches in winter. But, as Pagans, we seek out the natural world buried behind screens and noise.

At this year’s Samhain we honored three types of ancestors; those of blood, spirit, and place. Each can guide us as we make our way in the world.

Ancestors of blood are those who have passed before us. We stand on their bones, buried beneath the soil to feed the Great Earth Mother, the eternal offerings to the Goddess. Their survival made us who we are, just as our actions will affect the next generation. Ask for their guidance.

Ancestors of spirit are those who inspire and impact our lives. Think of artists, writers, Founding Fathers, Jim Henson, and childhood heroes. These are the shapers of our thoughts and ideas. Seek inspiration and answers from their legacy.

Ancestors of place are those who have lived on this land. They are the water we drink, the air that moves us, the ground that sustains us. The rocks and trees have been watching for ages and are willing to share their wisdom with those who ask.

Upon entering the circle, each person chose an acorn. Tamara led us in a meditation where we sank deeply into the earth and listened to the ancestors. What message did they have? What were they telling you? Did you have something that needed letting go? Or was it time to start something new? Whatever the message, we put that intention into the acorn and threw it over our shoulder to release the energy into the world. “By Blood and Bone/By Ash and Loam/I send thee out to grow/So Mote It Be!”

Will you continue to talk to your ancestors? Will you seek out their guidance?

“Are you a corpse or a seed to sow?
Will you be buried or dare to grow?”


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