This July, We Hailed Thor

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The July Full Moon is known by a few names: Buck Moon, Storm Moon, Oak Moon, Blessing Moon, and Thunder Moon. This year, we harnessed the Thunder aspect.

An amazing 50 people RSVPd to the Moon Ritual with almost that many in attendance. Thor is the God of the common man, the keeper of Midgard—when he calls, folks show up.

Attendees were led through a discussion of how lightning can fertilize fields and many of the myths related to Thor and fertility, including how he first came in possession of Mjolnir when Loki (heat) took away Sif’s hair (grain) leaving her head bald and lifeless (drought). Thor forces Loki to fix the situation (stormy rains), and Sif’s hair is replaced. In the same wager, Thor is gifted Mjolnir and we all know the rest. Another myth is the use of Mjolnir to bless a marriage, that it may be fruitful for the continuation of the clans. Lastly, should anyone hear a couple in the throes of passion out in a field, they should be left undisturbed as it could be Thor and Sif coming together and allowing their union to fertilize the field.

After the myths, attendees were invited to step to the altar and claim a bindrune created in honor of Thor and fertility. The bindrune was made putting together Thurisaz (Thor), Raidho (one’s journey, literal or metaphorical), Othala (family both kith and kin), Gebo (a gift, an exchange, hospitality), and Elhaz (the Gods). Attendees shared in cakes and ale with a mini Thor blot, then the Circle was closed.

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