What’s the Word: May 2017

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What’s the word is a monthly review posted each month to review the month before. This will discuss all Church happenings, including rituals, classes and workshops, and community service activities.

Please check here to check out the great things Church of the Earth members have completed in the month prior and get a preview of what’s in store for the following month. This way, you can get an idea of what events are and which ones you would like to partake in.

Sunday, April 30

Beltane Sabbat

In upholding Beltane tradition, attendees enjoyed creating a makeshift Maypole from ribbons and a tree located within Lake Wheeler Park. As part of the ritual, attendees braided positive energies into their lives and into the Pagan community as whole through a ribbon band which ended in bells. Each person chose colors based on what energies they represent. They were asked to hang them somewhere the wind might catch them so every time they ring it helps spread and manifest that energy and intention.

Color correspondences offered: red- strength, vigor, charity; orange- encouragement, kindness, courage; yellow- wisdom, knowledge, confidence; green- fertility, growth, luck, prosperity, blue- health, tranquility, patience,;indigo- changeability, dignity; violet, power, sentimentality; white- purity, cleansing, new beginnings; black- protection, grounding; pink- love, peace, friendship

Sunday, May 7

Sunday Worship Circle

Attendees gathered to  to the hardships of motherhood, owning the difficulties that can come from troublesome relationships as well as pay honor to the blessings of motherhood and giving gratitude for all the maternal figures in our lives. A special call was made to bring the spirit of the great mothers to the Circle. Maternal advise was shared between attendees.

Wednesday, May 10

Full Moon Ritual

Attendees worked with the energies of the Full Moon to affirm that everyone’s path is right for them.

Friday, May 12

Pagan’s Night Out

Attendees gathered at Doherty’s in Cary and enjoyed laughter and fellowship.

Saturday, May 13

Sorting at the Food Bank warehouse

Attendees gathered and shared in giving back to the community.

Sunday, May 21

Sunday Worship Circle

Attendees sang songs and learned Pagan Hymns.

Tuesday, May 30

Book Club

Attendees gathered and shared thoughts, ideas, and feedback from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.


As always, check out the meetup group to get up-to-date notifications for all events.

Sunday, June 4th

Family Programs Sunday Circle

Thursday, June 8th

Full Moon

Saturday, June 10th

Education Class: Home as a Haven Part II

Saturday, June 17th

Midsummer Sabbat

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