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What’s the word is a monthly review posted each month to review the month before. This will discuss all Church happenings, including rituals, classes and workshops, and community service activities.

Please check here to check out the great things Church of the Earth members have completed in the month prior and get a preview of what’s in store for the following month. This way, you can get an idea of what events are and which ones you would like to partake in.

March 2017:

Sunday, March 5th

Sunday Worship Circle: The group meditated on how things in life sometimes go wrong, but no matter how wrong they go, something within the event is right. In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. Using salt dough, everyone made a physical manifestation of one a frustration. Then, they smooshed the manifestation and created a new physical manifestation of something that is going right, their own totem silver lining. Included in the ritual was a meditation of Lake Johnson, and the silver lining felt of being in a natural wooded area with a great lake- but that was only come by because of our vacating Gaia’s Gardens.

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Friday, March 10th

Folks met and had fellowship in the St. Patrick’s room at Tra’Li Pub in Morrisville. The irony of the snakes gathering in Patty’s room was fully noted.

Saturday, March 11th

Education class: Making Home a Haven at Cameron Village Library. Attendees learned about hygge, a simple way to ward one’s dwelling, and discussed how to embed Magick into everyday household tasks including vacuuming, cleaning toilets, and  doing dishes. Attendees also made charms to display in their homes.

Saturday, March 18

A group of volunteers went to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and helped clean up the riverbed to make it a havenly home for the waterfowl who dwell there.

Photo Credit JB, CotE Facebook

Sunday, March 19- Ostara

Attendees discussed the origins of the Easter Bunny: after raising late, Ostara found a bird frozen to the ground. She saved him, but in the process took away his ability to fly so she turned him into a snow hare, kept his egg-laying ability, and took him as her consort. After a lover’s quarrel she threw him to the sky where continues to be today, Lepus, under Orion’s feet. Attendees took home colorful eggs filled with seeds to welcome Spring.

Photo Credit Heather, CotE Facebook


Sunday, March 26

A drum circle was held at Lake Wheeler to raise energetic vibrations. Rhythms and chants from multiple world cultures were shared.

Photo credit TD, CotE Facebook

Tuesday, March 28

Inaugural book club meeting! Church of the Earth now holds a monthly book club, with meetings on the last Tuesday of the month. The first meeting had a group discussing titles and choosing the first: Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology.


Half of April has already past, and all events will be including in the April review. Below are events for the remainder of the month. As always, check out the meetup group to get up-to-date notifications for all events.

  • Friday, April 14
    • Pagans Night Out
  • Sunday, April 23
    • Family Programs Sunday Circle
  • Sunday, April 30
    • Beltane ritual


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