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Running with Scissors

In Divinely Inspired by Johnson Davis1 Comment

am thinking about starting a new political party, the Running-with-Scissors Party. The first plank in our platform will be that everyone has a right to run with scissors, and to reap the rewards of that activity …

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Shielding – The Energetic Do-Not-Call List

In Practical Magick, Ritual by Stephanie1 Comment

Walking around unshielded as an empath is like being a lint roller in a house with a long-haired cat. You pick up everything and you get used up very quickly. Your energy gets gunky and depleted. You feel fatigued, and it can start to take a toll on your health. These energetic dynamics affect us all – not just empaths! Empaths are more likely to sense it and feel drained by it, but negative energy impacts everyone on some level.

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Cleansing – A Shower for the Spirit

In Practical Magick, Ritual by StephanieLeave a Comment

Just like we want to breathe clean, fresh air, we also want to surround ourselves with clean, fresh, positive, and uplifting energy because that is what we will take in. Our energy fields are naturally permeable. We can sense what is around us, positive or negative. And, just like we change our air filters and clean our homes, we also want to do the same with our energy.